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At FISA the synergistic relationship involves all the internal sources of competence, and extends from the company to the customers themselves.

Working in synergy with the market itself means involving oneself in it, experiencing its problems and contributing towards solving them by bringing to the market almost 50 years of experience and the most innovative solutions.

Today the FISA Group, which incorporates manufacturing and commercial companies, offers the world market not only technologically advanced products but the supply of high quality services which range from the design of special tools to methodological consultation on increasingly complex stone and marble machining processes and associated commercial and technical assistance in all countries.

The progressive, independent customer will find in the FISA Group a partner which is fundamental and strategic to his own success. The satisfaction of the customer is the guarantee of quality which we offer, and the achievement of this quality is our daily concern. FISA .s.r.l., established in 1952, produces a vast range of products and tools for the processing of Marble, Granite and stones.

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